My Awesome Job by Becky Yard

Hey comic fans! Hope the Christmas season is treating you well. My name is Becky and this is my first time writing in the column! To start off, I’ll tell you a how I started working here at Southern California Comics. . . Before I started my job hunt back in 2015, I remember talking about different jobs out here with my sister when I moved from OKC. She was talking about comic shops and I never thought of it, but I said that would be cool. I could learn a lot working at a comic book store, since that’s The reason I moved to SD was to grow as a manga artist and learn more of the art and comic industry. My search began for a local shop willing to hire a newby in the busieness I drove all over San Diego to many comic shops. One of my stops on the list was Southern California Comics. I loved coming to this shop when I would visit my sister. They have a great variety of goodies. Holding my resume, I decided to peruse through the dollar bins for a little bit. Shortly, Jamie Newbold came over and asked if I needed help with anything. I said, “I have a resume,” hoping he was hiring. He held his hand out and actually took it seriously, He looked through it briefly, and then said: “Hi, I’m Jamie the owner.” We talked for awhile that day. He was impressed by my past jobs and hired me. I started working part-time for a short period, and then he moved me up to working full time. I’ve now been working here for almost 4 years as office manager. Jamie allows me to sell my artwork and promote my own comic-oriented business. He believes his people should promte their talents within the confines of the store. It has been a fun, learning experience. Thank you Jamie for being a blessing. : Okay, now for the UPDATED NEWS! I’m so proud of my best friend, Matt Cossin. He’s the talented artist behind the new comic series; Agenda! Teamed up with pro colorist and brother, Mike Cossin, and DC and Marvel writer, James Hudnall. They are almost at the finish- line of their Indiegogo campaign. It’s now 86% funded. Please help spread the word and back up the project with the awesome perks available. Creative characters, vivid colors, and an incredible story you don’t want to miss! Check it out! Only 7 days left till it ends! Thanks for reading!

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