Sell your Books

 All our comic book and collectible appraisals are by appointment.


Generally, we look a collection over to see if we are interested in a purchase. Most collections we see contain modern era comics and don’t require a formal appraisal. However, the much older, more desirable comics, the collections we treasure with more affinity, may require a greater time-period to examine. Those collections will be charged fees for our time. If we purchase your collection the fee will be waived.

 we also appraise collections for customers seeking insurance values, court-requested values, or other values to appease third-party requests such as attorneys, eBay, etc..


E-mail for more information.

Want to learn what Jamie knows about comic book collecting?

You can gain much of his insider knowledge through

The Forensic Comicologist


A childhood comic book fan turned comic book retailer, the author soon discovered the prevalence of scams in the world of comics collecting. This book is his tutorial on how to collect wisely and reduce risks. Drawing on skills learned from twenty years with the San Diego Police Department and as a Comic-Con attendee since 1972, he covers in detail the history and culture of collecting comic books and describes the pitfalls, including common deceptions of grading and pricing, as well as theft, and mail and insurance fraud.