My Awesome Job by Becky Yard

Hey comic fans! Hope the Christmas season is treating you well. My name is Becky and this is my first time writing in the column! To start off, I’ll tell you a how I started working here at Southern California Comics. . . Before I started my job hunt back in 2015, I remember talking …

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Action Comics #1

This blog entry is a contribution by local collector and friend Peter Jones. Some of you may know Peter from encounters at Comic Conventions or AACC meetings of old. Peter’s tale is probably one of the best we will feature due to the book the story is about–ACTION COMICS #1! I’ll let Peter take it …

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Astonishing # 9 Cover Art

  Jamie has collected original comic book art since the 70s. The luxury of living in San Diego during the early San Diego Comic Con years provided ample collecting opportunity. One of his most pronounced art pieces is a pre-code horror cover from 1952. Purchased at the SD Con in the late 70s, Jamie has …

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